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Forensic Odontology is the proper examination, handling, and presentation of dental evidence in a court of law. Most commonly, it deals with the identification of human remains where no other means of identification is possible. However, forensic odontology is also the examination of bite marks left in a criminal investigation, analysis of weapon marks using the principals of bite mark analysis, age estimations of both living and deceased persons, and the recognition of patterned injury in suspected child abuse cases. Mostly, however, a forensic dentist does dental identifications.

The Indiana Society of Forensic Odontology (ISFO) was founded in 1981 to serve the public. It is a group of dentists and dental auxiliaries from within the state of Indiana who have received specialized training in the techniques required to do dental ID examinations. The ISFO currently has over forty members and stands ready to do single identifications, or multiple ID’s as in the case of a mass disaster, or any of the other forensic examinations they are trained to do. In addition, if you or your organization needs someone to come to your area and present a program on Forensic Odontology or the ISFO, please contact us. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

When a death has occurred, and there appears to be no possible way of identifying the remains except by a dental ID, the county coroner responsible for the investigation, may request the services of a forensic dentist. A forensic dentist may be found by contacting the State Dental Association or any of the members of the state forensic society (ISFO), or through this web site.

The ISFO will present a training session on Friday, October 20, 2017, at the Indiana Dental Association conference room, Indianapolis, Indiana. For full details and registration information for this training opportunity, which will include breakfast and lunch, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

The most recent ISFO Membership List is now available for download in the ISFO Member's Section.

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